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goshiwon Hill Ewha women only
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Hill Ewha univ is located near Ewha university and Ewha univ station. 






Hill Ewha 

Women only

  Ewha university



 Hill Ewha univ. is located near Ewha university and Ewha univ station in Seoul. 




 For Room reservation E-mail us 






Ewha university(4min), Ewha univ station(5min)

University & Metro

Ewha womans university, Ewha womans univ station

Price a month

KRW 350,000~480,000

Private Room

bathroom, Bed, Wardrobe, desk ,chair, TV,

Air conditioner, Refrigerator

Public space

Kitchen, laundry, Elevator

Internet / Wifi


Food for free

Rice, Kimchi, Ramen, Bead, Cereal, Coffee


 Room type

*One room : Single Room with private bathroom









Public kitchen


Public space




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Somroop|Kamolwan   답글
2017-05-04 23:51:56
How much does one room cost? Is it still left if I want to stay from 5 June to 23 August?
작성자:  비밀번호:
현재 byte / 최대 byte
작성자:  비밀번호:
현재 byte / 최대 byte
가격 : KRW 350,000~480,000
주소 : 서울시 서대문구 대현동
TEL : Edae
H.P :
홈페이지 :
룸타입 : 원룸
층 : 5층
식사제공 : 밥,라면,김치,빵,시리얼
주차가능 :
인근지하철 : Ewha Womans Univ Station
인근대학 : Ewha Womans University
주변건물 :
goshiwon Follow Story for Autumn [closed]
Follow Story for Autumn [closed]
KRW 400,000~520,000
goshiwon Wellbeing hanyang
Wellbeing hanyang
goshiwon Coco Sinchon
Coco Sinchon
KRW 350,000~500,000
최근본 룸