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FULL furnished room ??
full furnished room ??

warm and cool!!!
A double window, electric boiler, air-condition

Safe room !!
An insurance of fire, an automatic sprinkler system, fire-warning facilities, smoke-warning facilities

An individual shower room, extra boiler for heating water, CCTV at entrance, individual security key, digital door Lock for entrance

Rent fee:
300,000~ 600,000won a month

Each room has:
A bed, closet, desk, chair, bookcase, drawer, LAN for the internet, A LCD TV(cable TV available),

A refrigerator, An air-conditioner, Security and fire facilities: fire alarm, individual flash, an automatic sprinkler system, an automatic fire extinguisher, flashlight

Public facilities:
In kitchen electric-range, rice cooker and table, kitchen utensils, a water purifier, Computer

for Free:
Rice, Kimchi, coffee, green tea, Ra-Myun(instant noodle), laundry detergent, dish soap, electric bill, water bill, LAN internet, cable TV.

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